29 Minute Presentation Terms & Guidelines

Space & Accommodations

This is a platform presentation.  Therefore seating should be arranged so all participants will have a clear view of the presenter.  Also, we bring our own projector, screen, presentation unit and power cords.  We require only electrical hook-ups.

Set Up - Tear Down Time

Our 29 minute presentations require a 30 minute set up time and 20 minute tear down for a total of almost 90 minutes time on the premises.   

Morning and Afternoon Presentations

Although the 29 minute presentations are intended for mornings before work commences, presentations may be performed throughout the day.  Also, because of the nature of some businesses with wait staff teams, Saturday and Sunday presentations may be requested.

We Respect Your Time Supremely!

The 29 minute presentation is fast paced, informative, interactive and precisely timed.  We promise to be on time and prepared to deliver our BEST work.  We only ask that, once the presentation begins, all participants be prompt and seated with phones turned to vibrate.  Unplanned interruptions (late arrivals, ring tones, etc.) disrupt the timing of the presenter and may ruin the presentation for everyone.

Please Help Us Help Houston

During our city's difficult recovery period, compensation for your Morning Motivation Show has been reduced to just $197 - 10% of which will go to the Houston Flood Relief Fund.  Thanks in advance for helping ease the anguish of your fellow Houstonians as they struggle through this tragic period.