First Learn The Truth!

Small businesses are cash starved and profit poor because they don't know how to properly evaluate what they provide for their customers above and beyond just products and services.

Escape From The Bargain Price Prison Forever!

Most small businesses set their prices based on their costs, their competition or industry models, not the VALUE they actually provide their customers.  This is THE KEY to higher prices and happier customers.

Low Price Liberation!

Is it possible to sell the same items as your competitors yet charge 20-50% more with no drama or resistance?  Of course it is!  There are at least 19 different ways to raise prices or boost profits.  You just need to learn them so you can effectively use them.

Higher Prices = Happier, More Loyal Customers!

It's a fact - wherever you find higher than average prices for a given product or service, you'll find happier, more loyal customers, bigger profits and less stress.  It's the ultimate small business tri-fecta, and it can be yours! 

VIP Consultations Are For Small Business Owners & Sole Proprietors Only

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