terms for teen biz mojo attendees

Target Student Group

TBM attendees should possess a desire to add value to their homes, communities, the marketplace and themselves.  Entrepreneurial spirit is a plus.  TBM candidates are encouraged to participate as well as be expressive and curious.  Grade-level reading skill and a working command of the English language is essential for full comprehension of session material.


TBM attendees must be on their dignity at all times - punctual, well-behaved, attentive, focused and enthusiastic about learning.  All communication devices must be turned OFF for the entire presentation.  Violations may result in removal from the session.


As in adult personal and professional life, preparation is an absolute necessity.  Attendees should have 2 writing utensils and a spiral notebook or journal in their possession during the session.  Lack of basic preparation may result in removal from the session.

Dress Code

General school dress codes apply. If not so noted, attendees may not wear slogans of a controversial, divisive, political or offensive nature. Non-conforming adornment must be covered from sight and the attendee, at the sole discretion of the presenter/instructor, may be asked to depart from the session altogether.

Mistakes? Expected. Results? Always! Excuses? No.

In the TBM sessions, as with all professional business endeavors and life in general, mistakes are perfectly natural, completely expected and often times present an excellent learning experience. Excuses, however, are not learning tools. They represent a lack of responsibility and are a direct impediment to any true measure of success in business and in life. In the real world of business, results are what managers, customers and clients want, expect and are willing to pay for. Not excuses.   So whereas mistakes are expected, excuses are not.  Attendees that repeatedly deliver excuses instead of results may be dismissed from the session.


Student compliance with all the above guidelines is required prior to attending the TBM session.  Full cooperation insures that all attendees will have an untrammeled path to session learning.  Thank you in advance for your complete cooperation.